" Have You ( the Island song ) " A Quarantaine Video by Tout Va Bien

The videoclip that he supposed to make and how Corona affected all his plans?

JW says......

We decided to make a quarantaine/Skype/island videoclip. Maybe we can’t see each other but that doesn’t mean we’re not connected.

We worked very, very hard this week to give you a piece of the island anyway.

We wanted to share that feeling of connectiveness with all of you. Also, for me, the lyrics really resonate on so many levels. The day to bring a piece of the island into your homes. A lot of thanks to everyone who is involved with the song: Rizky, Huub, Steven, Jess, Less, Laurens, Reinier, Reyer, Maarten, Robbe and Via. Thank you so much!! I couldn’t have done it without you! ❤️ All my love and stay safe! Jw

Tout Va Bien

Absolute my Favourite song, listen carefully ❤️

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